Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Preparing to PARTY!

Kade's first birthday party is in a little over a week! I have been out and about getting items to put on the greatest show on earth! Kade's Circus! His cake is being designed by Andrea Reed of Sweet Cakes LLC. I am super excited as two years ago she designed Kennedy's WONDERFUL candy land cake! It was fantastic! Well Kade now has four teeth, two up top and two on the bottom. I can also see more coming in in the back. But you would never know it as the little one is always smiling...unless he is hungry and BOY can he eat! Kyle and Leanna are getting ready for Christmas and doing well in school, we still have to stay on Kyle a bit to turn in assignments but when he does DO the work it is always good! Teenagers!!!! But he really is a sweet kid! Kennedy loves to sing and is still Dora's #1 fan! She is talking more and more and is starting to ask questions about everything! She even copies Leanna's tone sometimes it is so funny! Well that's all for now..I leave you with a picture of the soon to be birthday boy!!!

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