Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It has been so long since posting. I don't even remember what it was like to have time to post! Is Kade even on this blog? WOW He will be a year old in December and since he was born it has been one long whirlwind. I can barely remember to feed them it seems! Four children is a lot. But I was just thinking how blessed I was today when listening to a lady's testimony about her fear of not ever feeling a baby kick-WOW I have had FOUR babies!!! I have experienced what it feels like FOUR times! AMAZING! They are healthy too, what a blessing!!! Kade is saying Ma Ma and Da Da, crawling and standing holding on. He is so cute when pretty girls come around, flirting and holding his head to the side while smiling shyly. I think we are in trouble!!! Kennedy is 2 and happy as long as we are giving her whatever she wants at the time! She is starting to talk in sentences and loves to color, read and play babies! Kyle is doing well in high school, but could be studying more in my opinion-he is SO smart and just fails to apply that at times! Leanna is super sweet as always-A student and loves dancing and soccer! More pictures to come I promise! Our lives are busy, and not always easy, but God is good and he is going to come through! He has given me the strength to do this even on days when I tell myself I can't! I love my family, and am so blessed to be a mom!