Thursday, August 2, 2007

Kennedy's Nursery

Well the nursery is almost finished! I only have one more wall maternity collage which will be ready in a couple of weeks! You will notice the picture of Jackie Kennedy, that is who Kennedy is named after. I always thought she had the most style, grace, and class! My best friend Angela gave me the framed quote too! I just LOVE it and it is perfect on the bookshelf! I go in at 7:20 on Wednesday morning and the surgery will take place at 9:50am! We are really excited! I can't wait to see her and meet her! Dr. says that she will probably be around 7lbs or so! Smaller than Kyle and Leanna, Kyle was 8lbs 8oz, and Leanna was 8lbs 12oz! So we will see if he is right! I am nervous and a little scared! But mostly ready! I just pray that she is healthy, I know God will take care of both of us on Wednesday! Keep us in your prayers!

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Leon said...

Hey Hey, Congratulations Cathy and Mike! Just saw the news, glad everything is going well and my little cousin Kennedy is a such cutie.