Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Well the past week has been a tough one! Last Wednesday March 12th, Kennedy had her first major accident. We were at the Dr.'s office and I had just changed her diaper on the examination table. I turned my head for a split second to throw the diaper away, I was right there...she flipped and before I could catch her she was of the table!I can honestly say I don't remember ever being that scared. She responded immediately and the Dr. called an ambulance. We spent the night in the hospital to make sure she was okay. After two CT scans we found she had two skull fractures but by the GRACE of our GOD...she had no bleeding or swelling on the brain. God performed a miracle and she is okay. Mommy did much worse than she did..I have felt horribly responsible for the accident...but I am working on forgiving myself and learning a lesson I will never forget. Every time I look at her precious smile I feel so grateful that she is here, and that God was holding onto her that day. I want to wish EVERYONE a very happy Easter! May we not forget why we celebrate this day...our Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed his life so that we may be forgiven! Much love to all!!!


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