Sunday, May 6, 2007

25 Weeks

This week was very busy! I registered at Babies R Us. That was fun! Special thanks to Angela Newell for going with me to give me tips on what's hot and what's not! I can't believe how much has changed for babies since Leanna was born 6 years ago! We also celebrated her birthday this week! I have added a picture of Michael per his he was terribly disappointed that he was NOT on the blog yet!!!! Whoops! She is still moving all of the time and wakes me up early some mornings. But I love every minute of it. We bought her nursery furntiure this week also and we are beginning to make changes to the house next week. We have to move some rooms around to make room for her. Our dining room is being sacrificed for our office, and we will move Kyle into the office and Kennedy into Kyle's room. Both rooms are being painted to be ready for them, will post pictures when they are all done and ready! We will break ground on our new house in January, and we are really excited about that! I had the opportunity to spend some time at the beach this weekend with the girls from church, we had our women's retreat and it was really great! Weather couldn't have been more perfect!

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Melissa Snider said...

Dear Kennedy, it is so good to see you. Your Mommy and Daddy have been waiting a long time to watch you grow and soon to hold you tight. I will check in on you weekly and cheer you on as you develop into a healthy, beautiful baby girl. Aunt Missy will one day teach you how to have fun and probably get into trouble, I can not wait !!!! Love to you and your parents - Missy and Richard Snider